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Villa Christal Tenerife is a private and exclusive villa only minutes away from Golf Club Costa Adeje and beach La Caleta. An outstanding view over the North Atlantic Ocean that will take your breath away. Sit back and relax at your own pool or visit the small isolated beach of La Caleta. This peaceful beach has inspired several musicians and poets and has been pictured in several films such as 007: Die Another Day, Alatriste and Manolete.

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This modern piece of art has 5 bedrooms and each its own bathroom and a unique view of the island. Equally impressive to the view are the modern and sleek interiors. With focus on space, light and color. Obviously, this villa is equipped to the highest standards with Wi-Fi, TV, kitchen appliances and a wine cellar. Whether you are seeking for a relaxing or an eventful vacation with family and/or friends, Villa Christal provides the perfect venue. Offering a luxury accommodation in a truly striking setting.



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